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Women’s Silk Blouses

stunning silk blouses

The silk emphasizes the femininity. The fabric is delicately soft. The silk blouses can be a trendy addition to any wardrobe. Fashionable all year long, the silk blouses can look nice no matter what the occasion, without overdoing it or feeling under-dressed. The silk blouses also provide a delightfully stylish twist to an informal look when you matched up with fabrics such as canvas, cotton, denim, and naturally, leather. When you combine these two unlikely elements: high quality.

Fashion Advice With Silk Blouses

A simple but strikingly effective way to achieve chic look is to combine the silk blouses with a pair of blue jeans. You can, is you wish top it off with a leather jacket. While the condition of the jeans does not matter, the greatest effect is obtained when the jeans are faded and even slightly torn, preferably at the knees. This acts to heighten the difference between the quality of the shimmering silk blouse on top and the scruffy jeans on bottom. If the jeans are truly a faded blue, combine them with a pale or feminine pastel-color-based silk blouse for the maximum effect. If your hair is long, try pinning it up in a more sophisticated style to emphasize your shabby-chic look. Round off the outfit with black leather boots or perhaps pointy toed, high-heeled court shoes to create a rock chick meets sophisticated lady look.

If your preference is skirts not pants, create a great combination by teaming the silk blouses with a simple denim skirt. Either tuck the silk blouse into the waistband of the skirt or let it hang down over the top. You can let it create a loose flounce over the skirt or cinch it in with a belt using either the matching or contrasting colors of the silk blouse as your basis. Make sure, for maximum effect, you pick a skirt of knee length or a little shorter. Too short a skirt, however, and you will distract viewers seeing the overall stylishness of the look; too long and you are back to granny fashions. Well, these were just a few advice for you to wear silk blouses. Women’s silk blouses are available in a wide range of styles. It is true you can find many of them in fashionable retail outlets – the product of mass production, with repeated designs printed directly onto the fabric. Yet, you can purchase a stunning silk blouse directly from specialist online suppliers.

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