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Trendy Capri Pants For Women

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Compared to skirts and denim jeans, pants seem to be more and more popular and suitable for many occasions such as preparing an interview and work in offices. Among the types of pants, Capri pants for women are most popular. Capri pants for women are pants that stop short at mid-calf. They are very trendy and can be paired in many ways. Since they are versatile, women of any height or shape can take advantage of it.

Stylish Capri Pants For Women

If you want some ideas about how to wear Capri pants for women, then take a look at some below paragraphs.

Much before you actually end up finding a capri for you, you need to locate where does the mid-point between your knees and your ankles lie. The mid-point will come somewhere around your calves. This has to be the length of your capri. Got it? Remember, not adhering to the rules may be counted as a fashion crime.

Though it might be not be a right suggestion for a lady with long and slim legs, a lady with short legs, either with slim or muscular calves, must avoid choosing a tight-fit capri. It makes the legs look heavier. A loose-fit capri may be a successful tool to hide chubbiness of legs. However, a semi-tight capri will do for a slim leg.

Choose whatever fashion wear you choose, but there is nothing more suitable than a tank top when it comes to choose a suitable top. Choose a metallic or more trendy tank tops such as burgundy, purple etc. Also, you can wear a Hawaiian shirt. Printed tops are the most suitable with a capri while walking under the sun.

Wearing a tank top or a short shirt with a capri pant might not be a good thing in the springs. So, pair a full-sleeve shirt with your capri. Don a hat too. A white shirt matches best with a khaki or denim capri.

To make the maximum effect on the onlookers, you should take care of one important thing always. Your capri and top should not be of the same color. They will give an impression of an school uniform. It is better to choose a traditional color for your capri and trendy hues for your tops such as forest green, fluorescent yellow and bright pink. The floral prints are a rage these days. So, why don’t you try such one?

Being a casual wear by nature itself, a capri has to be paired up with some trendy and most casual footwear only. Sandals, clogs and flats are the most suitable footwear with capris. Try a pair of strap or wedge sandals. Don’t use a high heel. Ballet slipper is another exciting footwear to put on with a capri.

Though not every time you will see women using fashion accessories like belts with capris, having a designer belt around your waist will make you more trendy. While wearing a denim or metallic capri, wear a designer belt with a big metal buckle. Though capris made of satin or cotton are best paired with black leather belts. Tossing a hat on your head and wearing earrings made of metals will be an added advantage. These were some ideas for you. Finally, the wide variety of fits, materials, and even lengths in which Capri pants for women are available makes them a versatile wardrobe item. These piece of potentially trendy women’s pants really never go wrong for any occasions.

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