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Timeless Fashionable Wedge Shoes For Women

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Fashionable wedge shoes are surely one of the more unique varieties of women’s footwear on the market today. Fashionable wedge shoes have been making waves lately as a popular alternative to high heels. It is the perfect answer to painful high heels. This is because wedges are some of the most comfortable types of shoes for women, owing to the design of the sole. Fashionable wedge shoes are one of the hottest selling styles of footwear today and many have been getting on the bandwagon.

 Popular Fashionable Wedge Shoes For Ladies

Fashionable wedge shoes can be worn on so many different occasions. Here are some of the styles you can find and the ways you can wear them: Wedge shoes can be dressed up or dressed down, but they are too casual for a formal or black tie event. Take an outfit from one level to another by carefully choosing what pieces to add to the ensemble. For example, the wedge can be casual when paired with jeans or capris and a tank top but dressy if added to a flowing skirt with some trendy costume jewelry. The shoes will add a bulkiness to the foot and ankle, so exercise caution when choosing pieces. Pairing them with a tight legged jean or pant or a narrow skirt such as a pencil skirt will likely not be flattering.

The style of garments that do complement the wedge shoe are loose fitting and flowing fabrics. A flowing skirt or an A-line dress that floats away from the leg will work well with the wedge heel. Wide-leg pants, boot cut or flared jeans and capris also work well with the wedge heel, as do gaucho style pants. A Bohemian or gypsy-style dress, which are typically long and crafted of flowing material, are contrasted nicely by the bulky and solid wedge heel, which translates to an attractive and trendy outfit. After all, if you are looking to make a statement with fabulous artistic feet adornment, then, fashionable wedge shoes can be the answer for you.

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