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Timeless Argyle Sweaters for Ladies

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The argyle sweaters has been around for practically forever, and based on the looks of it, it won’t be gone for a while. Argyle sweaters are well known for their distinct characteristic: they have diamond-shaped patterns better termed as “argyles,” hence the name of the sweater. Argyles, unlike the patterns and prints on other types of outfits, are mostly created by knitting. It takes a lot of skill and patience to be able to make patterns like these since they are made with the same sizes and repetitions. Knitting argyles require a type of knitting called intarsia which is a very difficult technique.

Argyle Sweaters for Ladies That Never Go Out Of Style

The argyle pattern has been around during the 1500s and has been used on sweaters. No matter how old argyle sweaters are, the classic design and of these, coupled with comfort and style, has been appreciated almost everywhere in the world. For women, they can pair argyle sweaters with skirts or trousers for the office. Opt for lightweight, fitted sweaters, whether on their own or under a suit jacket. Some pullovers can be worn with just a camisole, while others will look best with a matching button-down.

Argyle sweaters are an easy, colorful and fresh option for relaxed and casual wear for women. Pair looser argyle sweaters with skinny jeans and boots, or opt for a more fitted sweater with an a-line skirt or bootcut jeans. If you are a fan of colored denim, pick a color from the argyle pattern for your jeans. Argyle cardigans add color and pattern to easy weekend jeans and t-shirt combination. To purchase, there are thousands of online stores selling argyle sweaters. These sweaters are an example that a style never grows old or timeless. The style and comfort it brings is what makes it staple and much more fun to wear.

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