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Three Alternative Bridesmaid Dresses

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A growing trend in wedding fashion is having bridesmaids each wear a different style of dress suited to their personality, figure and style. Bridesmaid dresses are no longer the unflattering, taffeta, single style dresses they used to be! So many options of alternative bridesmaid dresses for your girls to walk down the aisle in style! Alternative bridesmaid dresses are a great way to put your very own identity on the wedding.

Unique Alternative Bridesmaid Dresses

Today, we will give you three alternative bridesmaid dresses ideas. First idea is mexican peasant dresses. Mexican peasant dresses are lively and have that authentic Mexican touch in their patterns. These are also available in vibrant shades and dressy patterns. These dresses were earlier worn by Mexican peasant women who worked in farms and fields. However, thanks to Hollywood and Western movies, these dresses have made their mark in main line fashion. These dresses can be designed in short and long lengths. Mexican peasant dresses tend to have plunging necklines but these can also be modified as per your choice. This is an alternative and fun outfit which will make the bridesmaids in your wedding appear casual and give them a unique girl like feel. You are free to choose from floral patterns or circular motifs and from vibrant fluorescent shades to the pastel ones.

Then, the second alternative bridesmaid dresses idea is same color different dresses. Bridesmaids traditionally always wear the same color gowns and dresses. There seems to be little space for alternative options here, but there are some that can be implemented. You and your bridesmaids may discus and fix upon a common color you would like to have. But here’s the catch, give your brides maids a free hand about the kind of dresses they would like to wear. Letting your girls select their own styles that work best for them. You may however, choose to coordinate the pattern of the dress if you have any reservations about short or strappy dresses.

Just opposite from the above idea, your bridesmaids could wear dresses which are in various different shades. Allow your ladies to coordinate and pick their own shades so that two people do not end up wearing the same colors. This is very helpful as each girl can look confident in their choice of colors depending on their skin tones. Well, these were three alternative bridesmaid dresses ideas for you. For more ideas you can find it in the internet. After all,  weddings are now fun, full of colour, design, art and zest. You can easily discover some alternative bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids to embrace and look glorious whilst wearing them. With alternative bridesmaid dresses, you can create an imaginative, sophisticated and luxurious outfit for your bridesmaids.

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