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Stylish and Comfortable Trench Coats For Women

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Who says women can’t look fashionable during winter? Although the cold season marks the need for thick everything, the ladies can still look good thanks to trench coats for women. A trench coat is basically a raincoat made of heavy duty cotton drill, poplin, leather or wool gabardine. While it was developed as an alternative to heavy overcoat for soldiers during the First World War, today trench coats for women are stylish and trendy. They don’t just protect you from the rain and wind but add a certain chic to your appearance. Plus, they are extremely versatile and practical as they can be worn in spring as well as fall. The other advantage is that they have a slimming effect while being very comfortable to wear. The range of trench coats for women is amazing.

Fashionable Trench Coats For Women

Trench coats for women is a versatile fashion piece for women. There are several ways to wear a trench coat. Women can pairing a shift dress with a trench coat is a classic look. If the weather is too cool to wear a shift dress alone, a trench coat can provide needed warmth in a fashionable way. The trench coat should hit around your knees. The bottom of your shift dress might stick out past the trench coat, which is fine. This gives a preview of what you’re wearing underneath. Cinch the trench coat with a belt to define your waist.

Trench coats for women usually come in neutral shades like tan or black. Brighten up this drab neutral with some color underneath. Bright colors are a welcome surprise when paired with a neutral trench coat. A brightly colored blouse creates an unexpected pop of color when worn with a classic trench. For fall and winter, consider jewel tones like jade or a deep purple. For spring and summer, go for brighter hues like yellow, orange, fuschia or aqua.

Skinny jeans provide a nice contrast with a trench coat. Since trench coats usually flare out below the waist, they balance well with skinny jeans, which have a tapered leg. Whereas a trench coat with boot cut jeans might provide too much fabric, a trench coat with skinny jeans provides just the right look. Wear your skinny jeans with boots or high heels to give added length to your legs. After all, trench coats for women is that they are timeless pieces. They never go out of style. One can buy them at factory outlets and even thrift store. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if they’re at bargain price, they’re cheap and have low quality.

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