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Sophisticated and Stylish Open Toe Shoes

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Womens open toe shoes are never out of style. In fact, almost every season these shoes are on the top of the charts for fashion in footwear.¬† These shoes have been in vogue for a few decades, still the charm and elegance of this particular footwear has not faded away. There is something appealingly persuasive and stylish about these shoes that give its wearer an urbane sophisticated look. The popularity of these shoes continues to rise even today and it has found a place in the hearts of many young women. Womens open toe shoes completes a woman’s closet. Whether ceremonious cocktail parties or ramp shows, open toe shoes are universally admired.

Tips About Open Toe Shoes

Open toe shoes ooze an unmatched sex appeal that is sensual and suggestive to the core. Possessing the perfect pair is half way crossed. However, it is important that you flaunt it right. Tights with these shoes have won accolades for their classic look together. They look handsome when paired together. Opaque tights or stockings with these shoes were a fashion trend that was condemned by the esteemed fashion brigade. Fashion faux pas are now widely accepted, and what craze they have encountered! Well, it is a commendable growth.

One point that needs to be nailed on is that stockings, which are transparent or see-through in style, should not be paired with these shoes. Your toe peeping through the stocking is a fashion advice that the fashion brigade will never choose to follow or propagate. It is always in the name of true fashion that you wear stockings that have a lacy texture, a fishnet stocking, or a simple yet classy opaque stocking. This is all you need to adhere to where fashion sense is concerned.

When buying tights, it is important to bear in mind that dark colors look perfect. You could opt to wear a black dress, with black tights and black open toe heels. This indeed looks sleek and sophisticated. And also you need to know that open toe shoes are flexible. You don’t need to conform to a particular style. You don’t need to wear stockings all the time to complete their look. You could wear them with or without stockings. It depends heavily on the situation and occasion you are supposed to attend.

Take your foot size into account. If you have chosen the wrong shoe size to wear, no power can stop you from looking weird and out of place. You need to make it look “tailor made”, as though it was made for you, and only you can carry the way it ought to be. One trick that you could apply is to choose a pair that has a slightly wider opening. This will display the neighboring toe as well, giving a uniform look. In order to adorn a pair of them, it is very important to have your toes well manicured. Toes with chipped, ingrown nails, and skin peeling off are the biggest turn-offs. They can have the torrential potential to spell havoc with your overall appearance.

Open toe shoes for running are an absolute no-no. It is always in your interest to avoid wearing them if you know you would indulge in any activity that involves running, jumping, or hopping around. You might end up falling into pits and potholes, where in reality, you were hoping to make a style statement. Running shoes should be well-cushioned, protecting your feet from heel pain and shin splints. After all, open toe shoes are a favourite with both the celebrities and the commoners. Whether it’s a red carpet event or simple party, these are the first choice of every woman.

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