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Sexy Stiletto Shoes

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Now, in the present scenario the high heels emerged as a fashion trend and is part of clothing, especially among women that leads to the raised competition in footwear industry, so as to maximize the features being provided by various high heel shoes. But among all the high heels available in the market- the stiletto shoes are widely accepted and trusted by the people for their use. Stiletto shoes are known to elongate a womans leg, enhancing calf definition and making the ankles appear slimmer thus getting rid of the dreaded “Cankle” the popular name for the appearance that is where the calf and ankle seem to be one

Stylish And Fabulous Stiletto Shoes

Stiletto shoes have always been associated with the sexier woman and the slightly unbalancing effect that the extremely thin heel confers has long been the attraction for men who like to see women in high heels. Also, you cannot think of being fashionable without getting some Stiletto shoes. Whatever dress you wear, you can always choose the right Stiletto shoes to go with your dress. The biggest plus point of Stiletto shoes is that they add a few inches to your height so you look quite attractive. These shoes are found in many different designs, heel heights and sizes. When you choose the appropriate pair of stiletto shoes for you, you will definitely feel great.

An ideal stiletto shoes may be 1 cm to 15cm high. It is usually thin and the heel is sharp rising. The platform sole is quite tiny in area as it can be just 1 cm where it touches ground. That is why stiletto shoes has a very sexy and slender look. Then, the strength of stiletto shoes is worth mentioning. This is the feature that differentiates these shoes from other types of high heels shoes. As stiletto shoes use metal or solid steel, the strength provided by such footwear is unmatchable. You have to beware of plastic molded stiletto look alike shoes. These are not the real stilettos. So you need to be cautious while purchasing stilettos that you get the right strength in the heels. This is stiletto uniqueness.

Though stilettos give you great looks, you should be wary of using them for a long times. There are many negative consequences of using these shoes for long periods. You may suffer from some form of skeletal or muscular discomforts if you use these shoes for a long time. Moreover, you cannot walk fast while you are on stiletto shoes. It is also interesting to note that Stilettos are the safest among the high heels. After all, despite all considerations about stilettos, these stiletto shoes give a woman a very sexy walk, a definite wiggle to her hips, better looking legs and work out her pelvic floor, what could be better than that?

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