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Pretty Kitten Heel Pumps

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Kitten heel pumps are a great alternative for women who don’t want to wear very high heels. They provide some height but don’t make your feet uncomfortable or painful. Kitten heel pumps are a delicate and pretty choice with dresses or pants. These dainty shoes totally work well with feminine attire. Kitten heel pumps are also come in countless shades of color and designs that you will be sure to be able to find a pair or two that you like.

About Kitten Heel Pumps

Kitten heel pumps are low, curved heels on women shoes, first popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s. Though still considered high heels, most are 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) or lower, providing comfort for women who do not like wearing higher heels. Suggestions as to how these shoes got their name center on comparing the heel to the claws of a kitten. Like a kitten claw, the heel curves inward from the back of the shoe, and then comes to point, slightly wider than the typical stiletto point.

Early kitten heels, with that “feminine curve,” were often higher than 2 inches (5.08 cm). You can still find vintage shoes in thrift stores or vintage stores, and they are likely to be a higher heeled shoe than modern versions. In the 1950s, lower heeled ones were also made and considered “trainer” heels for pre-teens and young teenagers learning to balance on high heels. A girl’s first high-heeled shoe might have been kitten heels.

Kitten heel pumps are very versatile as you can wear them instead of the usual stilettos or wedges and platforms. From capris and jeans to little black numbers, these heels look great and retain their sexy allure. In fact kitten heels can be found on all manner of shoes and they really are a great alternative to very high heels. Wearing high heels all the time can be very uncomfortable and can also possibly cause your legs to ache even when not wearing them.

This is because when high heels are worn, the calf muscles are stretched and the toes are used to tightly grip the shoes for balance. Kitten heel pumps are kinder to feet and if good comfortable ones are purchased, you can wear them the whole day without a problem. You can also wear them with dresses during the summer to pull your overall look together. They are a great complement to summer dresses as well as evening wear. These heels are very versatile and packing one in a basic color like black or tan when travelling will ensure you have a classy look with any outfit. After all, kitten heel pumps promote this comfort while remaining fashionable and attractive shoes.

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