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Popular Cowboy Boots For Women

cowboy boots for women with jeans

Wearing cowboy boots is a fashion statement. Although many people choose cowboy boots because of their comfort and durability, being a fashionable item is the main reason why cowboy boots for women are chosen more often over other stylish pairs of shoes. Wear them in summer and winter; sport a pair with the best attire. Cowboy boots for women are always classic, but many modern versions are available. They also vary in height, from ankle boots to knee boots, but the classics are calf-height.

Several Attire That Looks Best With Cowboy Boots For Women

There are several attire that looks best with cowboy boots for women. Skinny Jeans are one of the best choices for sporting wide calf cowboy boots or the ropers. The denim should be tugged inside the boot, something which is easily possible. You can sport a feminine tee with the skinny jeans instead of a formal shirt. Wearing a formal shirt of a vest would give you the proper western look which is not something you are to wear on yourself living in a city. A halter or a loose shirt would look great, specially in earth colors. Just like skinny jeans, you can wear roper cowboy boots on leggings too. Black leggings, a short denim skirt, a big belt, white shirt and the cowboy boots are a great combo.

Denim Skirts are another great option to team up with cowboy boots for women. Short denim skirts leave most of your legs bare, giving the boots enough space of their own to be highlighted. Denim was one of the first textures to be used with cowboy boots and today, it still stands first. You can wear a big belt, the same color of the boots on the skirt and a shirt that exposes most of the belt. The length of the boots doesn’t matter when you wear them with skirts. Only with leggings, you need to keep the length of the boots maximum to the middle of your calf.

Sundresses are option three to team with cowboy boots for women, and again you have the freedom of choosing any lengths that you prefer. But again, the type of sundress also matters. A body hugging sundress is a strict no-no with these boots, while a flowing, frilly, delicate sundress would be a great choice. Just like denim skirts, sundresses help the boots in stealing the show. These dresses are soon going to be the summer statement for all those young girls out there!

Shorts are one of my personal favorites to go with brown cowboy boots as they symbolize a confidence that can’t be achieved be any other form of casual clothing. This combo was the last to come out and what a style statement it made, really! If you see those celebrities riding on bikes, you’ll see them in the same attire and don’t we all know how confident it looks on each and everyone of them. This option looks the best on girls blessed with a plump figure, not too thin, not to fat.

These just a few suggestions for you. You still can experiment by yourself according your styles. However, cowboy boots for women demand attention and the type of clothing you choose, should meet this demand. Since you now know what to wear with cowboy boots, you can dress perfectly. Cowboy boots for women is an investment that you should not miss. High-quality boots, although expensive, can last for three to six years, maybe even more, depending on the care that you exercise on your shoes.

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