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Ponchos For Women

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Ponchos had become popular over the last few years, but now it almost seems as if they are beginning to fade from the scene. Ponchos were popular in the 1970’s, and then faded as people didn’t have the time knit or crochet that much anymore. But over the last couple of years the 70’s style ponchos have made a tremendous comeback along with many new designs. Ponchos for women are a case in point. Now they are back in fashion and are considered excellent outerwear.

Fashionable Ponchos For Women

Ponchos are between a blanket and a sweater. The basic layout of the poncho is like a round blanket with a hole in the center for your head which can be easily put on and taken off when the temperature changes. Womens ponchos in particular have that heady formal and casual combination about them and many have taken to it very great enthusiasm. It has indeed been a revival for this forgotten garment and designers are working overtime to present it in a manner that is in line with the fashion trends of today.

Women’s ponchos can be thrown over a pair of jeans for a chic, casual look, or dress it up with a glittery brooch over your favorite little black dress for night time style. Or women can go for the shabby-chic boho-style fashion poncho, ornamented with embroidery, beads and sparkles.  Ponchos for women also come short and long this season. The chic little shrug-style poncho clasped or tied on the shoulder in soft knits and delicate lace was featured by many European designers for spring/summer. Also featured were longer, asymmetrical fashion ponchos in a rainbow-bright display of colors and patterns.

Ponchos for women are being featured very prominently in recent fashion shows. Women can make it by themselves or just purchase it through online stores. There are many patterns available. After all, women’s ponchos have indeed made a wonderful comeback and are as fashionable and trendy as other outerwear items.

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