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Gorgeous Slingback Pumps for Women

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Pumps are a shoe style that can have high or low heels. There are several types of women’s pumps. One of the most popular is slingback pumps. Slingback pumps are a type of women’s shoe and identified by the characteristic strap of leather that wraps around the top or back of the ankle. Slingback pumps are primarily worn in semi-casual situations and sometimes in the workplace. The slingback pump can also feature an open toe or open sides. Heels on a slingback pump will generally be between three and five inches. Slingback pumps can be open or closed toe, and they’re best for spring and summer wear. The following paragraph are the best styles to wear with your slingback pumps.

Styles To Wear With Slingback Pumps

Capris are great to wear with slingback pumps because their cropped length shows off the flirty strap of the slingback. If you don’t like capris, consider cropped pants, which fall just above the ankle. Opt for a fitted pair with minimal flare, like the Jones New York Signature Pants in Gingham capri. These will draw the most attention to your cute slingback pumps. Choose a color that matches or contrasts nicely with the pumps. If the slingback pumps are black, for instance, white capris will highlight them, but black capris will make for a more professional, uniform look. You can also wear cropped jeans, as well. For something flirty and flattering, try the Lulu Capris from Guess Jeans. In a dark wash that’s almost black, these capris will pair nicely with black or brightly colored slingback pumps.

If you want to wear a skirt with your slingback pumps, it’s best to wear a pencil skirt or a skirt with a slight a-line shape. Avoid long skirts that cover your ankles, as these won’t highlight the beauty of the shoes. Try to stick with skirts that are just a little longer than knee-length at most, as these allow the shoes to stand out. In addition, try to find skirts that you won’t need to wear pantyhose with, since you should never wear pantyhose with slingback pumps. In addition to looking strange, the straps on the back of the pumps can easily tear the fabric of pantyhose. Try a skirt like the stretch satin pencil skirt from Dolce and Gabbana. Falling just above the knee, this skirt is perfect for wearing with a glossy pair of black slingback pumps. For something a little more relaxed, try the fitted pencil skirt with flared back from New York and Company. Long enough to wear without hose or leggings, this skirt is perfect for spring and summer. It’s also great for pear-shaped women because it has a slight flare through the hips.

Now that you know what you should wear with slingback pumps, you should also learn what you shouldn’t wear with them. In general, anything that covers the shoe is a bad idea, including flared jeans, maxi skirts and long dresses. Aim to wear your slingback pumps with bottoms that show off the ankles, as outlined above. These show off the cute details of the shoes. You should never wear hose, socks or leggings with slingback pumps, whether they’re closed or open toed. The strap at the back of the shoe can cause the material to bunch and rip. These were several information about slingback pumps. After all, a slingback pump can be a comfortable and fashionable alternative to regular pumps or stilettos.

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