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Gorgeous Ripped Jeans For Women

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From essentially being a hardworking man’s statement, a pair of ripped jeans has made a great transition in the world of fashion. For women, these ripped jeans are a staple for casual dressing and a must have item. Ripped jeans refer to a style of denim jeans that can feature tears, ripped knees, and other signs of distress. Originally, ripped jeans were just a sign of overuse. Instead of throwing away these faded or frayed jeans, poor or thrifty users would continue to wear them.

All About Ripped Jeans

Rock and roll punk artists of the 1970s had begun to appear on stage wearing ripped jeans. Punk as a fashion statement during this era often included dark torn jeans held together with safety pins along with leather jackets and tattered t-shirts. Usually, male and female punk artists alike wore dark cosmetics and adapted messy hairstyles as part of their personae.

In the 1980s, ripped jeans remained a fashion statement associated with the rock and roll lifestyle. These frayed jeans, however, were also gaining commercial appeal and were being manufactured by designers. Prior to this, most ripped and frayed jeans were do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. They were offered in various styles, including bleached, acid-washed, and stone-washed jeans. Holes and tears could be found on various areas of the garment, including the pockets and derriere.

As the grunge sub genre of rock music became popular in the 1990s, ripped jeans became a look embraced by its teenage fans. Emulating their favorite musicians, such as Nirvana, suburban teenagers often paired torn jeans with plaid or flannel shirts and scruffy-looking footwear. Although the particular look would fade out before the decade ended, new trends in ripped jeans would emerge. As of 2011, jeans have reached fashion icon status, and those who wear ripped jeans are usually not looked at as being poor or militant. Instead, chic distressed jeans are created by designer fashion houses and are often spotted on celebrities and youths in continually evolving colors, styles, and shredded looks.

Despite the fact that ripped jeans are now commercially available, some individuals looking to save money or desiring a more authentic and unique look still prefer to wear torn jeans that they ripped themselves. If you are a fan or already wearing a ripped jeans, then, an important point to remember while wearing a ripped jeans is that they have to be worn at the right occasion. Concerts, shopping sprees, and other informal outings are ideal scenarios to sport these rugged jeans. Avoid wearing denims, whether ripped or otherwise, to absolute formal events.

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