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Gorgeous Platform Shoes For Women

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Platform shoes for women have been a part of the fashion world for ages. Simply put, platform shoes are shoes with thick soles made from various types of materials such as plastic, cork, wood or rubber. The platform size can vary dramatically from an inch all the way up to several inches. New extreme varieties come up to an 8 inch platform heel. Platform shoes for women not only add practical (and very desirable) inches to shorter people and are simply a more stable form of footwear than stiletto heels. Platform shoes for women actually do offer an equally stylish option to heels without losing out on sexiness.

Platform Shoes For Women That Never Go Out Of Style

Platform shoes for women have seen fashion trends come and go, but they remain a mainstay of the performing arts as well. On stage, while performing and even for social occasions, platform shoes can add just that right accent to your legs without sacrificing comfort. Platform shoes are not limited by design, only by imagination.

To wear these shoes, picking a neutral color like black, brown or tan will allow you to wear the platform shoes with many different outfits. Slip into your platform shoes. If you wear slacks with your platforms, jeans work best, especially those with slight flaring at the bottom. Skinny leg pants don’t go well with platform shoes. With dresses, platform shoes look good with shorter skirt lengths. Stand up and walk around to make sure you can do so comfortably. Even the highest platforms are easier to walk in than stiletto heels because your weight is more evenly distributed across the wedge.

Just because these shoes were popular in the 1970s doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes from that era. The style of shoe will determine your outfit. And also, be careful, especially if your heels are several inches high. You won’t have to totter as you would in stilettos, but platform shoes aren’t made for running, either. If you want to purchase, check out the Internet for a discounted and favorable quality of the platform shoes for women of your choice.

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