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Functional Gumboots

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Functional footwear is now also fashionable, thanks to the soaring popularity of gumboots, otherwise known as wellies or rain boots or rubber boots, are shoes made of rubber that rise above the ankle for protection against rain and mud. With these protective footwear, you can get wet and muddy without compromising style. There are several information about these versatile footwear, gumboots. Take a look at some below paragraphs to convince you before you decide to buy.

Versatile Gumboots

Gumboots come in several styles and colors. The most popular style is mid-calf, but they also come in knee-high and ankle styles. You can often tell where a person is from by the color of their boots. The British usually sport green gumboots, while Canadians prefer black gumboots with red or green soles. In the USA, you’ll see many black gumboots with yellow soles. For style mavens not keen on the traditional colors, gumboots also come in a variety of patterns, including plaids, florals and exotic prints.

If you want to purchase, think about your figure first. Boot height matters in defining your figure. Legs may appear slimmer and longer with rain boots which are around three inches below the bottom margin of your knee while standing. This can make a person look taller. For skinny figures, the ones that wrap mid-calf add volume to your frame. When buying online, have all your measurements written down as a guide. Since you will not be able to fit personally, it is important that you are aware of your calf size for knee-high or mid-calf styles. Shop from online sites that indicate the exact dimensions to avoid ending up wasting your money. Those with return policies are even better just in case they still do not fit you well.

Gumboots do more than keeping your feet clean and dry. They also make sure you can walk around safely in slippery surfaces brought about by the rain. Check the soles to see if they have enough traction to grip a slippery and muddy surface. Safety always comes first to avoid slips. Those with great grips are more expensive, but they are wise investments if you plan to use the shoes a lot. Cheap ones that have slippery soles can lead to unwanted accidents that may injure you and cost you more for hospital bills. For fashion and style statements, ladies gumboots in bright colors and artsy designs are also available. Choose styles that fit your personality to kiss the gloomy weather goodbye.

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