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Flamboyant Boho Dresses

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Boho dresses are the modern bohemian clothing style that has taken the celebrity world by storm. The look encapsulates the simple, flowy style of hippies and gypsies. Boho dresses are more of an ethnic clothing because, a good look at their styles is one that shows a blend of various ethnic styles merged together like that of Indian and African prints. If you want to purchase these boho dresses, you can find them plenty at thrift stores or online stores with inexpensively prices.

Selecting Boho Dresses

When the boho look first burst out on the fashion scene, celebrities were aghast at the thought of donning a style, that till then, had been predominantly pedestrian and gypsy in nature. Simple silhouettes and flowy garments were the trademarks of the style with fabrics being mostly bright and reminiscent of Asian and African countries. But soon the style caught on and designers came up with luxe versions of boho dresses that made them the darling of the fashionable circuit. If you want to buy long boho dresses, then there are some things that you should keep in mind to get the look just right.

Firstly, Boho dresses need to be bright and bold. Look for colors that are bright and patterns that seem folksy. The idea of the style is to look unique, so try and choose patterns that are ethnic in nature and mostly handwoven. Then, the best place to rummage for cheap dresses are vintage shops. But then you may have to work on the dresses to update their fashion quotient. Try to mix ethnic patterns with modern designs keeping the essence of the dresses alive.

Layering is a good way of creating a new look with boho dresses. Team your dress with scarves tied in a unique manner, for example as a belt. You could even wear your dresses with a wide high-waisted belt. Boho dresses are also a little more difficult to find as compared to skirts and one way to get a new look is to wear your skirts or even the ever popular and hippie, harem pants as a dress. You could team this with a belt if you want a more structured look for the ensemble.

Accessories form an important part of the Bohemian look. Vintage jewelry, is the best kind of jewelry to team with bohemian dresses. Bangles, chains, rings, mostly made of silver suit these dresses the best. Flip-flops are the preferred footwear. Well, these were some things to keep in mind to get the look just right. Bohemian clothing style cannot be defined by specific patterns. As is the case with fashion in general, boho clothing is also malleable and changed by the trends. But the basic silhouettes of the garments remain the same. Just be unique and try to create new looks with these dresses, keeping in mind the basics of the style. Boho dresses are so trendy this season and is a must have for all women.

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