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First Communion Dresses for Little Girls

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First Communion is a time of holy sacrament for your child. She has studied for years and is now ready. This can be a beautiful time filled with lasting memories for your family. Thus, first communion dresses are a must. The first communion dresses are so important because it is very symbolic, standing for the relationship of your little girl with the Creator. First communion dresses also have always epitomized a strong sense of tradition.

Selecting First Communion Dresses for Little Girls

Selecting a First communion dress not only important but also actually fun. There are two styles that parents can opt for their little girls. First choice is traditional first communion dresses. The traditional first communion dresses are entirely white. These dresses will have a skirt that is at least knee length. Traditional first communion dresses usually have long sleeves and a neckline that goes to the base of the throat. Traditional first communion dresses are usually worn with a white veil that falls to the middle of the back. Gloves are also a good choice when dressing in a traditional style for first holy communion, although some parishes ask that they be removed during the ceremony.

Secondly is modern first communion dresses. The modern first communion dresses are usually primarily white, but they may have colored embellishments such as sashes, embroidery or flowers. Modern first communion dresses may have slightly shorter skirts and lower necklines than their traditional counterparts, but are still church and age appropriate. A modern first communion dress may also have cap sleeves or spaghetti straps. If the dress does have spaghetti straps or is sleeveless, it is advisable to wear a shrug or wrap during the actual ceremony.

All of these dresses are easy to find as a number of online stores are focusing customers for communion purposes. You can search them online and get the great variety of these attire to serve your purpose. If your budget allows you to be extravagant with your daughter’s dress, it’s your decision how much you spend. Keep in mind that, given the type of gown and your child’s age, it’s best to limit your spending to a few hundred dollars at the most since she likely will only wear the dress once.

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