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Faux Fur Coats

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Faux fur coats have become very popular, thanks to their affordability and classy appearance. Faux fur coats provide the luxurious feel of the real ones and will keep you nice and warm. Opting for faux fur coats not only lowers the price you will pay for a fur coat, but it also ensures that no animals get poorly treated or slaughtered simply for the sake of fashion.

Information Faux Fur Coats

Many different types of faux fur exist to make coats and other products such as handbags, belts and other clothing. Donna Salyers, one of the best selling faux fur designers, uses a popular and lush material in her faux fur designs that is referred to as Kanecaron, a high-end acrylic fiber. It makes the faux fur silky to the touch and can pass for real fur. The majority of faux fur designs include acrylic fabrics with cotton backings, which allow the materials to breathe, unlike real fur. Faux fur manufacturers can mimic every type of fur you could imagine such a leopard, mink and chinchilla.

Cleaning your faux fur coats regularly will also help it to maintain its look and feel. It’s important to observe proper cleaning techniques, so the fur won’t get ruined. When its time to clean it, don’t let it get wet. There are products that will allow you to clean your coat while it is dry. You can go online to find out different ways to achieve this or go to your local dry cleaner and see if they offer this service or can suggest a product to use.

Another way to make sure that your faux fur coats always looks great is to buy a soft bristled clothes brush and gently brush the fur once a week. This will remove soil and keep the fur gleaming. It’s important to brush it properly. Never brush against the natural grain of the fur. Instead gently brush it in long strokes following the natural lines of the fur. You will be amazed at how nice your coat looks when you’re finished. Have your coat professionally cleaned every 6 to eight weeks or to remove stains. By taking good care of your coat, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Just the tags themselves can identify most faux fur coats. The coats will have the look and feel of real fur; however, the tags will list the materials out of which the coat is made. If a tag doesn’t state anything like mink, lamb or other animals, it is faux fur. Some stores advertise their products as faux fur because a lot of people are switching or going up against real fur retailers. You can also purchase faux fur coats off of specialty retailers that only produce faux fur products. With so many choices at the local furrier’s, you should not get intimidated. Take your own time as you browse through the collection, feeling each piece with your hands.

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