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Fashionable Pencil Skirt

tribal pencil skirt

Women love to dress up for the occasion and always look for ways to enhance their looks with the current fashion trends. One of the hottest rages among women clothing  that never go out of style is a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is a versatile fashion staple first designed by Christian Dior in the late 1940s. This pencil skirt is one of the must haves for all women, and the perfect wardrobe basic. Pencil skirts have always been worn by women of all ages and have seen the many faces of fashion evolution.

Timeless Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a versatile and flexible item of clothing. It can be easily converted from a piece you wear to the office to a skirt that can be worn for a night out on the town. Furthermore, a pencil skirt can be paired successfully with almost any type of top. Your first step to looking good in a pencil skirt is to choose the correct one for your body type. Fit and length are the two most important factors to consider when choosing a skirt. The next step is to choose a skirt of the right design and style. Light colors and interesting skirt accents are successful in highlights the derriere and hips. A pencil skirt with detailing at the bottom or the hem will draw the eye away from curves and make a women appear leaner. This type of skirt emphasizes curves to an extreme degree. If you are attempting to balance your top half with your bottom half, you may want to pair the skirt with a voluminous top or eye catching earrings or necklace. The next decision that you must make when pairing a blouse with a skirt is whether to wear the blouse tucked in or untucked.

If the pencil skirt you are wearing has a high waist or a thick waistband, then the shirt should be worn tucked in, as it complements the look better. Furthermore, tucking in a blouse will make your look appear more sophisticated, elongate your legs, and create a trimmer waistline. However, if tucking in the blouse shortens your torso, then you should wear your blouse untucked. Another popular look for pencil skirts this season is to pair them with a belt. This lends structure to an outfit, and it provides an interesting eye catching detail. If you wish to pair a belt with your skirt, opt for a skinny belt rather than a large belt. A woman should keep in mind that the lower the belt is placed, the shorter your legs will look. However, you should be careful to place the belt in such a manner that it does not chop your waist in half. Finally, pencil skirts have always charmed women with since and ages and seasons. With a bit of creative mind, they can be worn in many ways that accentuate those sensuous curves and bring out the best in every woman.

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