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Elegant Gala Dresses

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A gala is typically a “signature” event, one which is larger than a regular party. An invitation to a gala is also an invitation to pull out all the wardrobe stops. It’s an opportunity to wear gala dresses for real while you dine, dance and make a hefty donation to the gala’s good cause. If you’ve got big bucks to spare, by all means gala dresses in a show-stopping, unforgettable dresses. If not, choose something a little simpler, which you can transform with accessories.

Elegant Formal Gala Dresses

For women, it’s customary for women to wear elegant gala dresses, but any clothes are acceptable as long as they have a formal appeal. Warm weather makes it acceptable to wear spaghetti straps and low cut gowns. Stick with silk and cotton if you expect it will be hot. For cooler climates, cashmere and other heavy fabrics work well; stick to long sleeved outfits that work well with a fashionable overcoat. Thick stockings will help keep your legs warm as well. One important point for gala dresses; Make sure the dress is not too short. Keep the hemline no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Accessories for gala dresses, wear intricate earrings that hang low along with a matching necklace. Bracelets are optional, but they go a long way to dress up your arms in a short-sleeve outfit. Match your purse and your shoes to your outfit, making them seem like a natural extension of your dress. Flowers are acceptable in your hair, but be prepared to have them fall out as the night progresses. Then for the shoes, open-toe, dressy sandals and high heels are all appropriate. They should be made with or look like a high-end material like silk or satin.

Use a small clutch or bag made from the same materials as your dress or shoes. It is also recommended you get your hair and makeup done professionally. If not, don’t overdo it. Keep your makeup natural and style your hair in an elegant but simple way. Well, if you receive an invitation to a gala, make certain that you are aware of its level of formality so that you can adequately plan your outfit. Whether it is low cut gown or spaghetti straps, it is sure to be an evening of elegance!

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