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Elegant Angora Sweaters For Winter

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Angora sweaters are very much in demand during the cold season because unlike other sweater, these sweaters are more elegant, more fashionable and can give protection from cold. Angora sweaters are not made from wool, but from angora rabbit hair. They’re not the hot fashion item they were during the fifties and sixties, but they’re still available in boutiques, online and at a few large department stores. Angora sweaters are soft, fuzzy, and must receive a little extra care to stay looking as good as new.

Angora Sweaters For Winter Season

Due to the varieties of sources for wool fabric, angora sweaters now come with different qualities and fluffy textures. They are now more moisture resistant and can retain heat in the body much longer. They also have become trendy so angora sweaters are now available in different colors, designs, and styles so aside from getting the excellent warmth during winter, we also have a wardrobe in them that are of great functionality and versatility.

Angora sweaters require special care. To cleaning angora sweaters, wash your angora by hand in cool or lukewarm water, with a neutral, ph balanced soap. Fill a sink with the water, mix a small amount of soap in, and press your sweater into the solution. Allow it to remain in the water for twenty minutes, before draining the sink. Gently press out the moisture, but don’t wring. Follow with a cool water rinse. Lay it flat on a towel, on a flat rack, or atop a clean cotton rug until it’s dry. Never put it in a dryer or put it in sunlight to dry. Well, this just a few way about how to clean your angora sweater. After all, angora sweaters are another best option for winter outerwear. And with proper care will ensure these weaters lasts for years.

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