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Elegant and Simple Wedding Dresses

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When you are thinking about how to minimize the cost of your very own wedding, why not opt to wear simple wedding dresses? Elegant and simple wedding dresses are the latest wedding wear treads and most of the would-be-brides are all set to follow the same. If you are the kind of soon-to-be-bride who wants to have a simple yet elegant wedding, then there are tips for you about simple wedding dresses, that will make you look fabulous.

Tips For Simple Wedding Dresses

Fabrics play a major role in appearance of a dress pattern. Right choice of fabric must be done considering the style of dress and your body type. As you might be opting for plain fabrics and soft colors, fabric must be so chosen that it adds the essential amount of rich effect. Satin, satin sheath, lace, raw silk, silk, cotton silk and linen are the best fabrics to pick for dresses. If you are not going to add even a single colored element to the basic dress pattern, then it is best to opt for lace fabric in white, beige or any other color. If you are looking for inexpensive dresses, make sure you choose the fabric accordingly, as the same majorly affects the total cost.

When you look for simple weddingdresses, A line gown definitely tops the list. A simple A line gown with a ‘V’ neckline and sleeveless pattern is the perfect pick. Accessorize such dresses with organza waist belt and get set to walk down the aisle. You can add a diamond or brooch at the mid of this belt to give a perfect finishing touch to the outfit. Empire waistlines are a hot trend of this season and you can have the same accommodated in the dress pattern. Further keep the piece sleeveless or add balloon sleeves. Also, the lower part can be kept flowy or made a bit stylish by keeping it body fitted.

Short dresses with empire necklines are also a good pick. You can have the lower part flowy with a narrow colored trim added at the hemline that matches with a trim added at the lifted waistline in this case. Satin trims make the best pick for wedding gowns. If you are opting for a colored dress, you need not add any contrast colored trims or belts as the same can overdo the look. Keep the entire dress in single color and just add sequins at neckline or for the upper part of the dress and sleeves in case of empire necks.

Soft colors are the best trick to get that simple look. You can definitely pick a dark shade like the crimson or maroon, but keeping the dress pattern very simple in this case is much essential. Colors like aqua blue or white make the best simple beach dresses. Soft pink, peach, light rose color and ivory are the ultimate color choices for simple wedding gowns and dresses. When adding belts, bows and trims you can go for colors contrasting with the basic dress fabric.

After all, there are so many benefits in going for simple wedding dresses. One of the greatest benefits of a simple wedding dress is that it will most likely be a classic gown that never goes out of style. Not only does this prevent any laughter from future generations perusing the wedding photo album, but it also means you can wear the dress again for another occasion. Whether your motives for a simple dress are money based, appearance based or something else, the ultimate look will be classic, elegant and simple.

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