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Comfortable Huarache Sandals

colorful huarache sandals

When it comes to comfortable footwear, many women believe that there are few slip-on models that can compare with a good pair of huarache sandal. Huarache sandals are the traditional handmade Mexican sandals with woven leather tops, have been around for hundreds of years and were popular among Mexican villagers and peasants. Huarache sandals can be the best choice for summer days.

Summer Huarache Sandals

Modern huarache sandals tend to follow the pattern of a rubber sole paired with leather strips across the top of the sandal. The use of durable materials such as nylon and corded fabric instead of leather has become popular, however. This change has also spurred some variations in the sandals’ appearance. Originally available only in natural leather shades, modern versions are available in a rainbow of colors.

To purchase these huarache sandals, shoe stores that feature selections for casual footwear often display several models of huaraches prominently throughout the year. Many beach stores carry these sandals as part of their beachwear lines. Just as they did centuries ago, huaraches continue to be comfortable, durable footwear that is available for a relatively small cost

Finally, the original slip-on design is still available, but now huarache sandals that feature adjustable straps have become popular. Along with the strip design that fits comfortably over the top of the foot, there also are versions that use a weave design. Regardless of the design, these sandals have continued to be a popular choice for casual footwear that allows the foot to breathe on a hot day.

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