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Colored Skinny Jeans For Women

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Talking about casual wear, jeans can be the best garment to take into focus here. Skinny jeans are the latest fashionable jean pants around that everyone wants. These jeans are sleek and slim, therefore known as skinny jeans. And colored skinny jeans are quite popular among girls and women. Colored skinny jeans form an important part of fashion during this year. Look your best in colored skinny jeans by choosing the most flattering clothing and accessories to go with them.

What To Wear Colored Skinny Jeans

Wearing a tight top with brightly colored skinny jeans is very difficult to pull off. Skinny jeans fit much closer to the body, especially the lower legs and ankles, than other jean styles. Their snug fit can draw attention and overemphasize the size of hips and thighs. To counterbalance the body-hugging effect on the bottom, select a top that is looser fitting and skims over the upper body. If you want a more polished outfit, you can layer a fitted jacket or blazer over your looser top.  Since colored skinny jeans are vibrant, make them the focal point of your outfit by not adding a brightly colored top that competes with the jeans. When choosing a top to go with your colored jeans, look for neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, navy, tan or brown. Pairing a loose-fitting neutral on top will balance out the bright color on bottom so the overall look of the outfit isn’t too flashy or overly body-conscious.

Bright-colored skinny jeans can draw attention and visually shorten your legs, so select a pair of shoes with height to elongate your legs. If you want to incorporate your colored skinny jeans into a sophisticated look, add a pair of neutral-colored pumps that coordinate with your top. For a more casual or trendy look, choose a pair of neutral-colored wedges or platforms. If you have long, thin legs and hips, you can wear a pair of flat sandals or shoes; however, the additional height from heels helps to make colored skinny jeans more flattering to hips and legs. Make sure the hems of your jeans hit right above your chosen shoe bottoms to visually extend your legs. Colored skinny jeans are best paired with silver or gold hoop earrings and bracelets for a bit of subtle sparkle. If you want to add a more dramatic flair to your outfit, you can layer a lightweight, multicolored scarf that matches your jean and top colors. Tie the scarf loosely around your neck, or just drape it loosely over your neck and shoulders. You can also substitute the scarf with a beaded necklace.

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