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Chukka Boots For Women

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The Chukka boot is a popular shoes that not only worn by men but also for women. Comfort is a huge factor why more and more women make it a point to own a pair of chukka boots. Chukka boots for women are very ‘in’ these days that major shoe companies have manufactured their own take on the classic trend. Women’s chukka boots come in so many styles, colors, designs, and materials. Also, whether you are looking for a footwear for casual, dress, or whatever occasion, you will surely find one that will fit the bill. The latest chukka boots for women to come out have that modern appeal and are in vibrant colors.

Ways To Care Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are best known as boots that are casual, ankle-high boots that are most often made of either suede or calfskin, although some are made of more exotic materials such as alligator or ostrich hide. The eyelets may or may not have grommets. Laces are usually made of leather or waxed cord, and the soles are either leather or man-made crepe. For women, today’s chukkas are also available in heels or booties. And more colorful patterns.

The proper care and cleaning helps well-made chukka boots retain their classic good looks over the life of the shoe. Here are some ways to care. Firstly, place shoe trees in chukka boots between wearings. Shoe trees help footwear to retain its shape over the long term. Brush the chukka boots occasionally with a soft-bristled suede brush to clean off surface dirt. Brush with the nap rather than against it. Spot clean stains and rub away shiny areas with a suede eraser. An ordinary pencil eraser or eraser cleaning pad can substitute for a suede eraser.

Stuff rain-soaked chukka boots with crumbled paper towels and allow them to dry naturally. Keep them away from heat sources while they are drying as uneven heat may pull them out of shape or burn the material. Once they are dry, brush in the direction of the nap with a soft-bristled brush. Apply a waterproofing stain-repellent spray according to the manufacturer’s directions. These were some ways to care your chukkas. Chukka boots are stylish and timeless. To purchase, there are many online stores that provide these boots with so many variations.

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