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Bermuda Shorts For Women

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Plenty of shorts options for women if they are looking to avoid skirts and stay cool on a hot day. One of the best shorts for women is Bermuda shorts for women. Bermuda shorts  for women are popular warm-weather clothes for women. Bermuda shorts are knee-length shorts and often have a slimmer profile. They usually have square pockets on the side.

Comfy Bermuda Shorts For Women

Bermuda shorts, long a fashionable alternative to mini shorts, but oftentimes more comfortable than capri style pants, are extra trendy and popular this season. Many women like to find Bermuda shorts in vibrant or loud colors to contrast with and underscore more modest long sleeve tops or hoodies. However you decide to wear your Bermuda shorts, however, you will definitely be comfortable in them.

Bermuda shorts are also considered an essential clothing item in what is known as preppy style, which is the term used to describe the clothing styles popular in prep schools. The preppy style is characterized by tailored clothes and a conservative style. For women, popular preppy items may include well-tailored skirts, button-down blouses, wool or cashmere sweaters, and dress shoes. Available in solid or printed colors, Bermuda shorts are particularly popular in solid navy blue, solid khaki, and solid pastel colors. Also popular is the repeated icon print. In this style, one icon, such as a sailboat or animal, is repeated across the solid background of the material. The printed icon often has an embroidered look, or may actually be embroidered onto the solid-colored fabric.

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