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Awesome Women’s Creeper Shoes

creeper shoes with black casual outfit

One such unique fashion trend or rather shoe style trend which has a very interesting history behind it is the creeper shoes. Creepers as in shoes are back in fashion and a more comfortable shoe it is hard to find. The original shoe was actually a boot worn by desert troops during the last world war and were known not illogically as desert boots. Creeper shoes are also nothing new to the fashion industry, but it wasn’t until the 1950s when they became popular after being shown off by the Teddy Boys. They were well-known for having a distinct look with dapper ensembles – trousers, draped jackets, bolo ties and pompadour haircuts. The shoe has since been introduced into subcultures including punk and goth, ska and nowadays, a wide variety of personal style.

How To Wear Unique Creeper Shoes

There are several ways to wear creeper shoes. First way is jazz up your outfit with a pair of cuffed jeans and a leather jacket to channel your inner punk soul. For a neat twist, choose tweed or a neon blazer to finish the look. Keep your shirt simple in neutral colours such as white, grey or black. Or you can try out the bad girl look by sporting denim shorts and a printed tee with sheer tights for a bit of a tease. Tuck in the front part of your tee and opt for knee high socks or garter tights and layer your neck with multiple chains or dress up your crown with a spiked headband. Wear a deep red lipstick for that extra sizzle.

Another style that best pair for creeper shoes is pleats. Pleats are a sophisticated yet fashionable look and you can wear them down by wearing with the creepers. Perfect for summer evenings or day time picnics. Also, pastel coloring such as warm corals, powder blues or sea greens are a real must for your wardrobes this summer. They can either be worn to soften a dark outfit or you could just wear pastel for a summery look. These were all about creeper shoes. Creepers shoes are unique and never go out of style. They are also practical, and very comfortable to wear as well as being good on the eye.

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