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Ankle Boots For Ladies

ankle boots with short highwaisted jean

Boots are something that give a complete finish to a woman’s stylish attire. One of the best type of women’s shoes are the ankle boots. Ankle boots are boot style shoes that come up to ankle or just the lower leg. They were first introduced as a cost effective option for men few decades before but now they are popular with women too. These ankle boots are a great pair of shoes to add to women’s collection. As a woman, you can look great in any type of ankle boots as long as you pair it with the right outfit. There are many varieties of boots around and finding the right one is made so much easier with the various designs, materials and color on offer. From leather and vintage looking ankle boots to lace-up and suede ones to name a few, you are spoiled for choice. If you are a woman who on’t know what to wear with ankle boots, then here are several tips for you. Take a look!

 Popular Ankle Boots For Ladies

Ankle boots and skinny jeans make a perfect combination. There are different ensembles you can try, starting with rolling the hems of your jeans up so that the cuffs are revealed. However, only roll them once or twice so that they just skim the top of your boots. This popular technique creates a mixture of tones and helps draw attention to your booties. For another stylish look try tucking a pair of fitted jeans into your boots. Skinny jeans can help make your legs look longer, with dark washed pairs being the most flattering for all body types. Tan boots compliment denim beautifully and help keep your outfit streamlined and not too heavy looking. You can finish off your look with a loose top and an oversized bag.

Ankle boots look great when styled with short and mid length skirts. Midi skirts can often make legs appear shorter, so pairing one with ankle boots is a stylish and flattering option, as they’ll help accentuate the legs. For a sophisticated look in the winter months try a leather pencil skirt (or faux leather skirt depending on your budget) with black-heeled ankle boots. Finish your outfit off with a light colored blouse and some coordinated jewelry; this will make the outfit look well proportioned. Shorts and ankle boots are a popular summer combination. To look good, shorts should be kept fitted, such as a pair of denim cut offs. These can be put together with a variety of tops and shirts, from ones with patterns to the more basic numbers that you can dress up with accessories. The key to pulling this look off is tanned legs, or if you’re trying this ensemble during the cooler months then combining your denims with some sheer tights and black patent boots make a great bohemian winter look.

Ankle boots paired with dresses suit both winter and summer seasons. Flat ankle boots or ones with a heel can be worn with a short dress, which falls just above or below the knee. The style of ankle boot depends on the occasion and taste of the wearer. A popular combination among younger people is mixing dr marten style boots or the industrial work boot and contrasting them against a girly floral printed dress for a dual themed look. This helps balance the outfit, creating one that’s interesting and quirky. For a toned down outfit, style your dress with some tan or beige ankle boots. This creates a softer effect and keeps the outfit feminine, however the contrasting colour of the boots help compliment the rest of your outfit by adding some definition and character. Polish off your look with an oversized handbag and a light leather jacket.

When buying ankle boots, women should keep a few things in mind. One of the first things to consider when buying ankle boots is the budget that you can allocate for the boots. The styles and the designs in ankle boots are endless and you could end up buying the most attractive and expensive pair which does not fit your budget, or is not practical because they cannot be worn very frequently. If you are clear about your budget then you will be able to narrow down the options when selecting shoes for yourself. Another thing to keep in mind is the ankle boot styles that are available for women. While some ankle boots are for formal wear, others are look great with casual and professional apparel.

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