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All The Rage Bandage Dresses

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If you are blessed to have beautiful curves, you can enhance them with a bandage dress. Bandage dresses, better known in Hollywood as “bodycons”, recently become very popular in any fashion-forward spot in the world nowadays. As the name suggests, bandage dresses are those dresses which are wrapped around the body like bandage dressings. They are made from a large number of stretchable strips, because of which they women of all body types can easily fit into them. However, they remained attached to the body in a figure-hugging manner. Hence, they can highlight even the slightest of ‘flaws’ in a woman’s figure. They are mainly worn by women who are thin, and are comfortable with the way they look.

Sexy Bandage Dresses For Women

Bandage dresses is the ultimate dream wear for women who want to achieve a curvier physique and a more well-defined shape which can be shown off in just about any type of clothing. Ladies have separate reasons for buying bandage clothing. Some want to remove bulges from their figures while others desire the slimming effect created by these clothes. To look slimmer than you really are, be careful with your color choices. Solid colors are the most appropriate for those of you who desire a slimmer body.

There are ladies who just won’t wear solid color dresses and feel beautiful in them. Are you one of them? In this case choose a bandage dress that has equally distributed mixed color bands. Those of you who have lovely shoulders, wider hips and a tiny waist can try a dress with color blocking. In this garment the designer changes color at the body parts mentioned above to draw eyes to them. Length is another imperative factor to consider when selecting a suitable garment. To create a slender body shape, using bandage dresses, avoid low-cut and very short ones.

There are a lot of shoes that go well with bandage dress, as they are a very flattering dress. However, this dress looks much nicer with high heels, as they show the upper body in a better way when compared to normal flats. What many celebrities prefer are open toed shoes, as they are very sexy and flattering. Although the bandage dress looks hot in open toed heels, you could also just wear a wedge, as they are more comfortable. For the accessories, it really just depends on what kind of accessories you like, as almost all accessories go well with bandage dresses.

However, you must make sure that it’s the same color, as some people can sometimes choose accessories that are completely wrong in color. You can go for a mixture of colors, so that you don’t get stuck in looking the same color. Just make sure that it looks different but still goes well together. One thing you could try wearing is big earrings that dangle, as they could help in catching people’s eyes from afar. Finally, bandage dresses are truly great to wear at simply any event. They are readily available in most online and regular stores. Also, they are not very expensive, in comparison to other designer attires that are available in the market. Another reason behind the popularity of such dresses is that, they are believed to make women look ‘thinner’. They can be found in the cupboards of most fashion conscious women these days.

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