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About Wide Calf Boots

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No one can deny that boots are very stylish and something that all women would want to wear. However some women feel that boots aren’t suitable for them. Luckily, for women who have larger calves, there is a vast variety of wide calf boots for them. Thus, now even women with bulky calves can sport seductive boots. Today, products within these wide calf boots are being showcased by some of the leading brands.

Comfortable Wide Calf Boots

You will get the look of stylish high wide calf boots even if you do not have thin calves. Many brands offer several styles of their signature boots in the wide-calf variety. If you wear a size eight shoe, you would take the wide-calf size if your calf circumference is 16 inches. If you wear a size 12 shoe, you wear a wide calf if your calf circumference is 18 1/2 inches. Some companies even offer extra wide-calf sizes. You can wear a size six shoe and have a calf circumference of up to 18 inches and wear an extra wide-calf boot. If you wear a size 12, you can have a calf circumference of 20 1/2 inches and still fit in the boot. The additional room that wide and extra-wide calves allow even the curvier women to fit in sexy calf-length boots. Many boots in the shoe store are made for women who are size 12 and under. They are not made for women who have thicker calves from working out or a little extra weight. Extra wide calves allow every women to fit in high-calf boots.
Sometimes our calves are too muscular for even the widest calf boots. These boots can usually be stretched in the calf at least another inch by an expert shoemaker. If their is an elastic gore at the inner side of the boot, it can be removed and a larger elastic gore can be inserted. Try on the wide calf boots if possible before buying them to make sure that you can zip them up. There are several styles that are available in wide-calf sizes on the Internet only. Accurately measure your calf to ensure this shoe will fit. Only purchase wide-calf boots from Internet sites with acceptable return policies.

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